Weight Loss Tip #1

Dec 19, 2018

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked what you saw?  (Hand raise here, I have!) 

And, this is the time of year all of us seem to battle with it the most.  

When I finally got tired of complaining I decided to actually do something about it—and the result was I lost 40 pounds and five inches in the waist (and am in the best shape of my life!)  

This week I am going to share four things that will absolutely help you to begin to shed those extra pounds (and I know these things work because they worked for me—and hundreds of other people since last year.)  

Weight Loss Tip #1 - Drink Water & Black Coffee (ONLY) For Two Weeks

When I say water and black coffee…I mean it…that’s it.  

No alcohol!

No diet sodas (they are actually horrible for you!)  

No non fat creamer…or artificial sugar…


It’s insane because I’ve been telling people this for a solid year.  

And—at least 95% of people who have responded have told me why they can’t do it (or—even more specifically, why they won’t do it!)  

However, the 5% who have actually followed through have lost at least five pounds (I actually lost 10 pounds the first time I did this!)  

It sounds simple (because it is) - but - it takes discipline to do it.  

The good news is…you’ll spend less money at Starbucks!  

And…you won’t be filling your body with empty calories.  

Give it a shot - I promise it will work.   

For more information check out an eBook I wrote here.