May 21, 2008

Travel Highlights From Day Three…

Here is my day…

  • Got up at 3:00 to hit the Word & then the gym…awesome!
  • REALLY embarrassed myself at the airport…another story for another time!  :-)
  • Got on a plane & stayed there for a REALLY LONG TIME!!!
  • Landed in ATL and had a great time hanging out with Ron Sylvia…brilliant guy!
  • Our flight to DC was delayed because “they could not find the crew.”  WHICH…to me was a bit concerning.  If the crew didn’t know the gate they were supposed to be at…then how in the world could they be trusted to find DC?
  • The lady behind the ticket counter was not having a good day…so I smiled at her…and it made absolutely zero difference.
  • A young lady on the plane looked at me and said, “You’re Mark Driscoll.”  I’ve been called a lot of things…but never Mark!  WOW!  I told her I wasn’t…and she didn’t believe me.  I finally convinced her…I think.
  • Finally made it to DC and got some REAL FOOD!  All Tony and I had eaten for the day was eggs they served on the plane.
  • Got to see Ben tonight…and Jay...and Tim...and these environments…not only are they good for learning but also for renewing friendships.

On a serious note…God is SERIOUSLY rocking my face off right now.  It’s pretty awesome…when He speaks to me He usually does so in multiple ways….I think because I am clueless and it takes that to get my attention  He is REALLY stretching me both personally and professionally right now in ways He never has before!  WOW!  Great stuff!
WOW…God is so good to me!

I can’t WAIT to get home tomorrow.  I MISS ‘CRETIA and CHARISSE!!!  This weekend I am focusing ALL of my time on them…can’t wait!!!

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