Want To Take Your Walk With God To Another Level?

Jul 13, 2012

I know that many of you joined me here during the last part of May for our study through the Scriptures regarding our CORE VALUES here at NewSpring Church and how they apply to us personally. However, I know that for one reason or another many of you may not have been able to participate during that time.

Today I wanted to encourage you that if you didn’t get to go through these studies with us to begin them today…and for the next five days dive into God’s Word through these studies…and…even if you did walk with us through them they may serve as a great tool to review.

Day #1 - Found People Find People

Day #2 - Saved People Serve People

Day #3 - I Cannot Out Give God

Day #4 - Growing People Change

Day #5 - I Can’t Do Life Alone