Want To Take Your Leadership To The Next Level?

Apr 16, 2012

Then consider applying for our Leadership Intensive on November 12-14 (here is where you can find the details.)

For those who want to know a little more about it…

Around three years ago I began a coaching network for pastors here at NewSpring Church.  We would meet four times over a period of four months and I would teach on leadership, staffing, finances, personal development, time management, vision, making wrong assumptions and quite a few other things as well.  This always seemed to be a great time for everyone involved; however, I felt like there were a couple of problems with this approach.

#1 - The coaching network was only open to senior pastors, and…while I have a passion for senior pastors we began getting more and more requests from staff members at other churches who wanted to be “coached” and developed.

#2 - The time commitment was pretty intense.  It literally took up four months…which for many traveling from other parts of the US that meant four plane tickets, four times getting a rental car, four times being away from the family for an extended period of time and so on.

So, last year we switched it up and had a three day “leadership intensive” and opened it up to anyone…not just senior pastors.  People had to apply to get in…and we were amazed at the response!  (We actually had to turn people away.)

We’re doing it again this year!  Here are a few of the details (and, like I said earlier, more info and filling out an application can take place here!)  

  • It will begin on Monday, November 12 where everyone will gather for dinner and a time of introduction/getting to know one another.
  • Beginning on Tuesday morning around 9 until around 4 or 5 in the afternoon we will dive into intense teaching on leadership (which includes Q & A at the end of each session!)
  • Tuesday evening each attendee will have the opportunity to attend our FUSE student worship service if they so choose.
  • Wednesday morning we dive in again and the day will wrap up around 4 or 5.

A few other facts you may want to know…

  • This event is limited to between 50-60 people!
  • You must fill out an application for admission.
  • The cost of the event is $850.  (Dinner on Monday night & lunch on Tuesday & Wednesday are included in this price.  Transportation, lodging and other meals are your responsibility.)
  • It will stretch you like you’ve never been stretched.

THE DEADLINE TO APPLY for this intensive is JULY 16th!!!  And…if we can answer any questions you have about this event please email us at

Hope you can join us!