Dec 19, 2007

Christmas Services

I can’t describe the buzz around this place in regards to our Christmas services this Sunday and Monday.  The staff and volunteers have put in countless hours of work and preparation for one purpose—that people might know Jesus.

I was informed by Tony that we have given away every single ticket for our Sunday services…BUT that our Monday services have several hundred still available in each—you can STILL go on-line here and get them if you wish.

If you are planning on being here let me ask a few things of you…

#1 - Get Here Early!  We are beginning the service in a “unique” way and trust me, you do NOT want to miss out.  (It may be beneficial to plan a few extra minutes for children’s check in being that we are going to have so many people.)

#2 - Pray for people to come to Christ.  The Gospel is going to be presented in an “out of this world” manner and we are passionately praying that people meet Jesus.

#3 - Don’t expect me to wear a Christmas sweater!  :-)

I can’t wait—see you on either Sunday or Monday!

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