Sep 19, 2011

Two Quick Things For Leaders Who Want To Go To The Next Level

#1 - My post last week on “10 Signs You Are Close To A Burnout/Meltdown” really hit a chord with everyone.  It is my prayer that many people were challenged by it…and that if those signs are obvious in your life that you will do whatever it takes to GET HELP ASAP!  (My counselor, Dr. John Walker, told me that one of the most unfortunate things about leaders is that so many of them wait until its too late to ask for help…don’t be that person!)  AND…I would encourage you to strongly consider joining us for Reawaken (MORE INFO HERE)...I can promise you it’s going to be both raw and real…and I really do believe that Jesus is going to use it to help so many leaders get back on the right track.

A healthy senior pastor is ESSENTIAL if a church is going to be healthy.

(AND…pastors, I would strongly encourage you to bring your wife to this…trust me!!!)

#2 - UNLEASH is selling out QUICKLY…it isn’t until March (all details here) and we already have close to 600 people signed up.  For those who don’t know what it is…it is a one day conference designed to encourage, inspire and challenge church staff and volunteers…and we price it LOW so that you can bring as many people as possible.  There are really no words to describe this event…you’ve just got to experience it.

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