Dec 21, 2010

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church…

I LOVE MY CHURCH!  Seriously, I love this church and all that God is doing at EVERY campus.  For some reason it seems ok to be proud of sports teams, musical artists and political parties (you know, things that REALLY matter and make a difference in the grand scope of eternity)...but people think you’re weird when you say you love your church!

Well, I’m weird…because I LOVE MY CHURCH!  With that in mind I wanted to share four things…

#1 - We saw over 150 people receive Christ this past Sunday as Clayton King preached THE BEST message on the peace of God that I’ve EVER heard in my life!  (That NEVER gets old!)  Four people received Christ in Charleston in a PREVIEW service…if that is what God is doing BEFORE January 9th…just think what He’s going to do after!!!  If you were not able to be here for that service then I am telling you that you’ve GOT to hear that message…you can go to our website this afternoon and it will be available…or you can download the podcast off of the NewSpring Church podcast on itunes.

#2 - Christmas services begin TOMORROW at the Anderson campus and on THURSDAY at every other campus…and…we’ve distributed over 24k tickets!  (You can STILL get yours here!!!)  Three things in regards to this service…

  • First…please pray that God will make HIS presence known among us AND that He will draw people to Himself in an undeniable way!  HOSANNA!!!
  • Second…it’s NOT TOO LATE to do whatever it takes to bring someone with you to a service.  I am asking everyone to stop for a few seconds and ask God if there is anyone else that you need to invite…and if He places someone in your heart and mind then don’t just pray for them…GO GET THEM!!!
  • AND…as we communicated Sunday, if you lose your ticket OR someone is able to come with you who does not know Christ but the service is “sold out” then JUST COME…we will find a place/make room for you.  No one will be turned away!

#3 - Reminder for everyone that we will not be having Sunday services on Sunday, December 26th in order to give our staff and amazing volunteers some time to catch their breath as we do 17 services across four different campuses.  We will resume services on Sunday, January 2nd with our annual “Year in Review” service where we literally take one Sunday to CELEBRATE all that God has done among us over the past year.  The church that cannot celebrate the past will often cease to anticipate the future!!!

#4 - I cannot wait until our brand new series that will begin on January 9th entitled “MAKE WAR!”  I talked about it here yesterday...if you were not able to watch it then take a few minutes either now or sometime later today to see what God is doing and where we’re getting ready to head in regards to our teaching series here at NewSpring Church.

That’s about it for now…I LOVE MY CHURCH, looking forward to a GREAT WEEK!!  Pray hard!!!

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