Travel Highlights From Day Four…

May 22, 2008

I am sitting in the ATL airport waiting to hop a flight to GSP…here are a few thoughts before I do.

  • CHALLENGING week…six separate flights (no lost luggage), hotel beds, rental cars and totally out of my workout and sleeping routine.
  • I REALLY missed ‘Cretia and Charisse—REALLY!
  • Today was incredible…I do love conferences…but I love them just as much for the connections that I make as well as the lessons that I learn.
  • I had a great lunch today with Scott Hodge!

Uh…that’s it…except…

NewSpring…wow…I just wanted to communicate that I LOVE THIS CHURCH!  I seriously could not live this life…the one of planes and hotels.  I know these weeks will come up in my future from time to time…but at the end of the day all I want to do is love Jesus, love ‘Cretia, love Charisse and love this church.

God has set me on fire…my mind is racing…I believe there are areas of potential that we haven’t tapped into yet…and I can’t wait to get my thoughts OUT on paper and then share them as they become more and more clear.

Jesus is up to something HUGE…and we get to be a part of it!  Now…gotta go catch a flight!!!