Jul 25, 2012

Dear Church Planter…STOP IT!!!

I think if I hear this phrase one more time I am going to vomit…probably on the person who says it to me.

Here’s how the conversation goes…a church planter is talking about where they are going to plant a church and they say…

“We are going to (insert city here) to plant a church, and statistics show that (name of city here again) is the hardest place to plant a church!”  OR, “we planted a church in (insert city here) and it’s not going good because this is the toughest place in the world to plant a church.”

Everyone thinks that where they plant a church is the hardest place in the world to plant a church…and…that’s partially true, NOT because of location but rather because of reality because…


I’ve spoken to church planters all over the world (and have planted a church myself) and IT IS NOT EASY!!  AND…it would NOT be easier in another town or state!!!

  • There will be resource challenges
  • There will be leadership challenges
  • There will be spiritual challenges
  • There will be staff challenges
  • There will be unity challenges

And, once again, these challenges have NOTHING to do with WHERE YOU ARE but rather WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!  It doesn’t matter if you are in the southeast or northwest or anywhere in between…it’s hard!!!

SO…please, for the love, STOP saying that where you are is the hardest place there is to plant a church.  If God called you to it then He will lead you through it…and we cannot use our geographical location as an excuse.  It’s not just hard for you…it’s hard for everyone!

SO…stop saying that, thank God that He called you and do what He’s called you to do.  The world needs more church planters that will stop making excuses and start making a difference!

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