Nov 30, 2012

Top 10 Blog Post Of 2010

Here are the most popular posts from 2010...

#10 - 10 Things That Jesus Did Not Say (but many probably think He did!)  :-)  

#9 - Sunday Night Reflections...And Zac - this was one of the hardest posts I have ever written in which I spoke about Zac Smith, a staff member who passed away here at NewSpring Church.  If you have not seen his video then click on the link and scroll to the is one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever seen in my life!!!  

#8 - Hey NewSpring (and Every Church) Let's Step Up And BE The Church - written in response to a natural disaster in TN...we partnered with a church there and the response was unbelievable!  

#7 - Every Single Dude And Dudette Should Read This!!!  This was a post written by my friend Clayton King and should be read by EVERYONE BEFORE getting married!!  

#6 - Ten Signs A Leader Is "Losing It!" - taken from one of the saddest leadership stories in the OT!  

#5 - Attention Pastors:  Keep Your Penis In Your Pants - made the top 10 for three years in a row!  

#4 - Pastors & Sexual Sin - written to pastors/church leaders as a desperate cry for us to FIGHT FOR PURITY in our lives!  

#3 - The Pastors Pain - If you are a pastor and have ever felt alone and/or misunderstood by EVERYONE you know then this article may bring some insight as to why.  

#2 - 10 Questions That Unchurched People ARE NOT ASKING!!!  

#1 - 8 Reasons Some Churches Do Not Grow - once again, a great discussion guide at a future church leadership meeting.  

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