Three Lessons I Learned In My Season of Silent (Discussion Guide)

Jun 17, 2019

The Perry Noble Leadership Podcast will be available on iTunes later on today

Three Lessons I Learned In My Season of SilenceIt was so great to begin the leadership podcast again.  (I have not recorded an episode since February 11, 2019.)  

In this episode I talked about five principles I have been learning (or relearning) as well as three lessons I feel I’ve been taught, so here we go.  

Principle #1 - God often reveals WHAT He wants us to do before He reveals WHEN He wants to do it, HOW He wants is done or even WHO will do it with us.  

Question:  What is it that God is putting in your heart to do?  

 Principle #2 - When you don’t know what “it” (that thing God put in your heart to do) looks like - just take the practical next step.  (Me filing paperwork for church to get started)

Because…the separation is in the preparation.  

Principle #3 - If we are not willing to take risks—our leadership will hit a lid (and so will the people and organizations we are leading.)  

Side-note:  At this portion in the podcast I talked about opportunities—and that when an opportunity is placed in front of us we need to ask, “Is this opportunity a door or a distraction."

Principle #4 - If it’s God’s Will - It’s God’s Bill!   (What the King wants—the King pays for!)  

Principle #5 - Staff members (and volunteers) want to be led—not driven!    

Out of all of this there are three lessons I am learning...

 #1 - Be Thankful For What You Have Right NowIf we are not thankful with what we have now - why in the world would God trust is with what is next?  

As we express thankfulness in front of our staff and volunteers—it helps to establish a culture of gratitude.  

#2 - Don't Be Afraid To Start Small

Moses did not think he had the capacity or ability to lead - so God asked him a simple question in Exodus 4:2, “what do you have in your hand?”  In other words—Moses’ leadership began with something small.  

One of the greatest miracles in the Bible (feeding of the 5,000) started with five loaves and two fish!  

Often times—small steps of faith lead to incredible results! 

 #3 - The Pain People Are In Is Far Greater Than We Could Ever Imagine

The church must create environments where people are not punished for being vulnerable.  The only way healing can take place is for the pain to be confessed - and only when people feel safe will they admit their pain.  

Discussion Questions For You & Your Team

#1 - Out of the five principles—which one stood out to you the most, and why?  

#2 - What are the things right now that you are thankful for when it comes to your church/department?  

#3 - What are the 2-3 biggest opportunities in front of your church right now—and are those actually doors—or distractions?