This Sunday will be the BEST series we’ve EVER done and here’s why…

Oct 6, 2014

Yesterday in our church was AMAZING! What Jesus has done, is doing and is going to continue to do absolutely BLOWS MY MIND. 

We’ve seen Him do SO MUCH in our church this year; however, beginning this coming Sunday we really are going to see that THE BEST IS YET TO COME. 

One of the things we’ve always strived to do at NewSpring Church is to preach God’s Word in a way where people can understand it so that it may take root in their hearts and change their lives.

Our staff has always tried their best to push the edge when it comes to creativity, innovation and leveraging culture to make God’s Word as clear as possible. 

And, this coming Sunday we are beginning a series that we’ve been working on, talking about and dreaming of for three years. 

I believe it is THE MOST INNOVATIVE thing our church has EVER attempted. 

I believe it is THE GREATEST SERIES we’ve EVER done in regards to doing whatever it takes to BRING SOMEONE with you to church (or back to church.) 

I believe we are going to see people grasp and understand the Gospel in ways we’ve never seen or experienced before, both people who are brand new to church and people who have been in church for 50 years. 

NewSpring Church, I PROMISE you…our teams have worked hard, given their best effort and now I am asking you to go the extra mile, do whatever it takes, embrace “uncomfortable conversations” and bring people with you this coming Sunday

I am being completely honest with you when I say this will be THE BEST SERIES we’ve EVER DONE in the HISTORY of our church. 

More about it tomorrow!  

And if you're out of state, I would LOVE to invite you to watch this series online on Sundays! It's going to be AMAZING but you'll only get a chance to watch it live. So trust me, you're gonna want to tune in ;-)