The Israel Trip Is On!!!  (Information & Registration!)

Aug 23, 2017

On December 25, 2007 Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman debuted in the movie “Bucket List,” a movie where the two men, faced with the reality of death, decide to do all of the things they had always wanted to do…

…thus making the term “Bucket List” a phrase that describes something people want to do one day.  

I’ve had so many conversations with people who have said that going to Israel is a “bucket list” item for them - and I am writing to let you know that from May 28 - June 4 of 2018…you will have the opportunity to check that off the list as I will be leading a trip to Israel and would LOVE to have you come along.  

I can promise you going to Israel will absolutely revolutionize your walk with Jesus as the Bible will come more alive than you ever imagined.  

AND…at least for me (and EVERYONE who I’ve ever spoken to about the trip) you will see and hear from the Lord in ways you never imagined.  

This will be my 16th trip…and I can honestly say I’m more excited about this trip than ANY trip I’ve ever taken!  

For pricing details, a schedule or to register you can go here

Space for this trip is limited…and it’s a “first come, first serve” approach in regards to registrations.  

It’s going to be amazing…I hope you can join me.