Nov 12, 2008

The Book of Acts Is Still Disturbing

God is continuing to rock my world on my journey through Acts…here are a few things that are standing out to me personally.

  • The church had to let go of the comfortable and the familiar in order to fully follow Jesus and advance HIS Gospel.
  • The church was passionately obsessed with seeing more and more people come to faith in Christ.
  • The message of the church was Jesus…nothing political or social, they didn’t try to legislate morality…simply Jesus!
  • God kept raising up gifted leaders who were willing to embrace their calling…one group of people were not expected to do it all…and when people embraced God’s calling on their lives—the church grew!
  • The people in the church were willing to work hard AND beg God to intervene on their behalf.
  • The crowds opinion can change often…the early church leaders knew that and were obsessed with Jesus and not with the opinions of others.
  • A praying church is unstoppable!  (Acts 12!)
  • God reigns…despite circumstances…HE REIGNS!
  • The wisdom needed for leadership in the local church is plentiful and available if we will only seek His face and beg Him for it!  I believe He will often allow us to expereince things that seem “impossible” just so we will continually learn that it is HIS church…and that we should seek HIS guidance!
  • Repentance must be taught…churches that do not preach and teach repentance are not being true to the call of God!!!
  • God wants the church to grow!!!
  • Vision that comes from the heart of God to the heart of a leader is what the church needs!  I WANT THIS!!!  If Jesus isn’t setting me on fire then the fire will go out!

Those are some personal thoughts…don’t know if they will help anyone out…but they are challenging the heck out of me.

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