Mar 24, 2008

My Bible Journey…


  • James 1:2-3, Just being honest—these are NOT my favorite verses, but I KNOW they are true!
  • James 1:5, This verse has gotten me through SO MANY tough decisions!
  • James 1:13-15, Sin NEVER produces long term benefits—EVER!
  • James 1:19, I am DESPERATELY trying to apply this verse to my life—it’s tough!
  • James 1:22, One of THE LARGEST problems that plagues the church is people refuse to follow this verse…just my opinion!
  • James 2:14-17, The Bible said it—don’t blame me!!!
  • James 2:19, Believing in God just isn’t enough!
  • James 2:26, Do you think God was using James to try and make a point?
  • James 3:1, This verse has kept me up at night…I cannot take what I do lightly!
  • James 3:13-16, It is my prayer that I can always celebrate the success of others and not allow jealousy to take over my thinking.
  • James 4:2-3, My prayer is that I would ALWAYS ASK BIG…AND that I would always ask with the right motives.
  • James 4:6, My prayer is that I am never opposed by God…He always wins!
  • James 4:7, There is a promise here that should cause every Christian to rejoice.
  • James 4:11, This verse has kept me from posting on message boards numerous times!
  • James 4:13-14, THIS should cause every person on the planet to make sure things are right between them and God…and to live a life of no regrets!!!
  • James 4:17, I need to preach on this verse sometime…it is one of the most convicting verses in the entire Bible.
  • James 5:7, God’s timing is perfect. (This matches up beautifully with Ecclesiastes 3:11!)
  • James 5:16, I am so glad I have people in my life in which I can practically apply this verse.
  • James 5:17-18, I want THIS KIND of prayer life!

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