Ten Reasons I Think Your Marriage Is Going To “Make It!”

Jul 27, 2011

#1 - Because you are willing to swallow your pride and ask for help, understanding that you are NOT the first married couple that has ever had trials and struggles.

#2 - Because you are willing to stop pointing out all of the problems your spouse has and begin to beg God to reveal your shortcomings to you so that you can focus on the changes you need to make.  (I will focus on my responsibilities and not my “rights!”)

#3 - Because you will stop investing tons of time in Facebook and reruns of movies you have already seen and actually begin talking to your spouse again, you know…like you did when you were dating.

#4 - Because you will listen to what the LORD says about marriage instead of listening to singles who are bitter and/or people who can’t seem to stay out of someone else’s bed!

#5 - Because Galatians 6:9 packs a promise that is worth holding on to!

#6 - Because you understand that two people who are willing to love Jesus first and then one another can overcome any problem or trial that comes their way!

#7 - Because you are going to commit to spending quality time together and actually date one another at least once a week…WITHOUT the kids or the cell phone.

#8 - Because you are going to continually practice forgiveness towards your spouse in regards to the way they have hurt you in the past.  (If someone is unwilling to forgive a spouse for a sin or sins that have been confessed and repented of they can ultimately destroy a marriage.)

#9 - Because you are going to make attending and being involved in a local church a priority!

#10 - Because your kids need to see a godly example of what marriage looks like so that they have something to look forward to.