Nov 12, 2012

Taking Your Leadership To The Next Level

Are you a church leader who wants to take your leadership to the next level?  If so...then you need to come to a leadership intensive I will be hosting at NewSpring Church on February 18-20, 2013.  (Here is the website where you can register.)  

At this leadership intensive we will be diving into subjects such as...

  • How To Avoid Ministry Burnout (it is IMPOSSIBLE for a church to be healthy if the leader is unhealthy!  We literally take half a day and dive into what are the top causes of ministry burnout and what are the solutions!)  
  • The Fact That Every Church (Or Ministry) Is Around Three Or Four Changes Away From Doubling In Size (and what holds them back from implementing them!)  
  • The Three Assumptions That No Church Or Church Leader Should Ever Make (but often do!)  
  • How To Lead And Influence When You Are Not Technically "The Leader."  
  • How To Overcome Financial Barriers In Your Church.  
  • Sunday Sermon & Service Preparation.  
  • A question & answer time period at the end of every session

Like I said earlier, here is the website where you can check out more information and register...but, for those who want to know a bit more right now and/or read the back story on why we are doing this here we go...

Several years ago I began a coaching network for senior pastors that met for around four months in a row here at NewSpring Church where we would meet for an entire day for leadership coaching.  It was always an awesome time; however, there were a couple of problems with this approach...

#1 - The network was for senior pastors only...and while I have a huge heart for these guys we began getting more and more requests from staff members from churches and organizations who wanted to participate in this type of event.  

#2 - The time commitment was pretty intense.  Being that we met for around four months in a row that meant (for those who were flying in from all over the US) four airplane tickets, four nights in a hotel, four times at a rental car desk...and four (or more days) away from family and church.  

So, about a year and a half ago we switched it up and made it a two and a half day "leadership intensive" and opened it up to everyone...not just senior pastors, we limited it to between 50-60 people and priced the event at $850...and were BLOWN AWAY at the response (we have had a waiting list of at least 35 people each time!)'re doing it again & here are a few of the details...

  • It will begin on Monday, February 18 with a dinner and a time of introduction.  
  • Beginning on Tuesday morning we will serve breakfast around 8:30 and then DIVE INTO some intense leadership teaching and discussions until around 4 or 5.  
  • Tuesday evening each person who attends will have the option to attend our FUSE worship service.  (Fuse is our INCREDIBLE student ministry!)  
  • Wednesday morning will begin with breakfast around 8:30 and then, again, dive into intense leadership teaching and discussions until around 4:00.  

A few other facts that you may want to know...

  • The event is limited to between 50-60 people (we have already sold 12 seats...and are expecting them to FILL UP FAST!)  
  • There is NOT an application for admission this time around...the first to register and pay are the ones who get in.  
  • The cost of the event is $850 which includes dinner on Monday evening, breakfast & lunch on Tuesday & Wednesday and snacks.  Transportation, other meals and lodging will be your responsibility.
  • It will most likely stretch you like NEVER before!  

Like I said earlier, there are limited seats and once they're gone...they're gone!!!  I hope you will consider this WILL impact your leadership...which WILL impact your church!  (One more time, right here is where you can register.)   


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