Super Cool PEOPLE Of The Week

Sep 16, 2005

OK, so I forgot a few movies earlier this week…and so the super cool people this week that I want to give props to first are the people who e-mailed me…I have heard you, and although I did not completely agree with some of your movie selections…I was reminded of the following…

- The Lord of the Rings! WOW, I can not believe I forgot these—what was I thinking? I LOVE these movies…they make me want to own a sword and slay some orks!

- The Indiana Jones Trilogy - Once again, I can’t believe I forgot these. I didn’t really enjoy the middle one…a little too bloody for my taste…but the first one and the last one were really awesome. I have heard that they are planning for a fourth…any truth to that?


I wanted to take this time to give a SHOUT OUT to Jake Beaty, Jamie Salmon, and Beth Marshall. There have been tons of people who have came together to make the hurricane relief effort in our church happen…but these three have gone WAY beyond the call of duty. I have seen Jesus in them…in their attitudes and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure that there are some people in Louisiana that KNOW that there are some people in SC that love Jesus…and are willing to put effort into that fact by sharing with them.

Jake—Jamie—Beth, YOU ROCK! Thanks for being “Jesus with skin on” and making ministry happen for a group of people that you will probably NEVER see this side of eternity…but can you imagine what will happen when we all get to heaven and a dude comes up to you and says thanks because he actually received Christ as a result of a church distributing water that we sent their way? Kind of makes you want to shout…doesn’t it?

See you all Sunday!