Dec 4, 2009

Want A Second Chance?

Ever wish you could go back and do it all over again?

Ever wish you could undo what you did?

Ever wish God would bless you with a giant eraser and let you go through and eliminate seasons of your life?

I am sure we would all say yes!  Everyone of us live with pain, regret and frustration over what we did at some point in our livcs.

BUT…what if I told you that even though you made that “mistake,” God doesn’t want you to live in a state of regret and feeling like a failure!!!

If you don’t let your past die…it won’t let you live!!!  If we want to achieve what God wants for us NOW…we have GOT to let go of “then!”

That is why I am SO PUMPED up about Jud and Mike’s new initiative called “People of the Second Chance.”  (HERE is the website...and HERE is where you can find them on Facebook.)

Seeing Mike and Jud embrace this ministry is exciting…because, as someone who struggles with a past that is LESS than stellar…I believe it is ESSENTIAL for followers of Jesus to discover the RADICAL GRACE of God that sets us free…including from the past.

I would encourage you to take some time to check out the website, follow Jud and Mike on twitter…and follow this movement closely.  If children of God ever discover how loved we are by the Father…we will become both dangerous and unstoppable.

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