Feb 8, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections From Kenya

Hey!!!  Found another place with internet and just wanted to report on a few things…

  • I miss my friends at church!

Now that I have that out of the way…this trip has been amazing.  God has used it to stretch me WAY beyond anything I have ever experienced!  I am WAY out of my comfort zone…and that is a good thing.

The past several days have opened up my eyes to a world that I never imagined existed.  Sure, I’ve heard the stories and seen the pictures…but being here and seeing what I’ve seen, hearing what I’ve heard and smelling what I have smelled has forever marked me!

I take so much for granted.  I walk into the kitchen and turn a faucet on and…BAM…water.  Yesterday I visited an area where women go and get water four and five times a day…and words can’t even describe the hill they have to climb just to get water!

We’ve visted several schools and spent some time with a lot of kids…and I don’t think I’ve cried this much in a long time.  They have joy like I’ve never seen!  They dance…they sing…they laugh…it’s amazing.  When we walk into a community they walk up to us and hold our hands and won’t let go until we leave.

Yesterday I saw a pile of bottle caps outside of a home and realized that they were the only toys the kids in that house had to play with…it broke my heart.

Today I visited a church…and as soon as they found out I was a preacher they asked me to preach!  It was…uh…interesting…and fun!  The pastor interpreted for me…and I spoke on Ephesians 3:20.  I loved it…seriously…I was way out of my comfort zone…but that is exactly where God wanted me to be!

Their offering time…UNBELIEVABLE.  These people have nothing (according to American standards) and yet they give…and give generously.  Many of them do not know where their next meal is coming from…yet they give from what they have and trust God to provide!

OK…it is about time for dinner.  (I haven’t had dessert since I’ve been here except for a chocolate bar today!  In fact, if it were not for Cliff Energy Bars I might not be alive…I have eaten them nearly every day for breakfast and lunch!)

NewSpring…I miss you!  AND I am so excited because I know that God wants us to POUR into a community over here and make a difference.  Please continue to pray for the team and I as we have a few more things to do.  We are excited about a safari that we get to go on Tuesday morning.  I hope I get to see a lion!

We are so blessed!  My prayer for all of us who read this blog is that at some point today we would take the time to thank Jesus for the things we take for granted.

One more thing…this is one of the most BEAUTIFUL places on the planet!

OK…gotta eat!!!

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