Pastor P

Sunday Night Reflections

Apr 12, 2009

So…going to try to blog something…my mind is STILL spinning…

  • I honestly feel that this weekends services were the most amazing services we’ve ever had since NewSpring Church was started in the fall of 1999.
  • We saw between 325 and 350 people receive Jesus this weekend!  AND…
  • The invitation was “old school,” people were challenged to leave their seats, walk forward and pray out loud!  (BTW…THAT STILL HAPPENS!)
  • THAT is the most people that have ever responded to the Gospel in a weekend service.
  • Our total church attendance was over 15,000 for the first time in the history of our church!
  • Greenville campus (less than a year old) went over 3,000 for the first time today!
  • Florence campus had over 450 people today…they are less than 6 months old and average around 300.
  • Our web campus had over 800 view services online!
  • AND…today…we preached THE GOSPEL!!!  What Jesus said and what Jesus did sets Him apart!!!
  • I was FIRED up in the invitation time…I am seriously tired of the church screwing around with the Gospel and pretending that hell isn’t real!
  • Religion is all about what we do to get to God…Christianity is all about what God did to get to us!
  • We began the service with “Highway to Hell,” - it was unbelievable!
  • Yes, I hope Danny Gokey wins American Idol!
  • Folks…what happened today at our church IS NOT NORMAL…it wasn’t a “nice service” was a move of God!  I’ve honestly never been a part of something like what happened today…and it’s only the beginning.
  • THAT is one of the problems with church today…we’ve became “normal” when the call of Christ on our lives is to change the world—“normal” people can’t do that!
  • We will continue this series on Sunday…expecting/praying for God to do amazing things AGAIN!

AND…to NewSpringers…a personal note…

Weekends like this make it all worth it.  All of the criticism…all of the “go to hell” looks my family and I get when we are out and about…all of the emails and bloggers that don’t like what we do…it’s ALL worth it!!!

Reality is this…satan got kicked in the nuts this weekend!  Hell is going to be less crowded!  People crossed over from death to life.  The way a community is changed is by the church preaching AND living the Gospel…and I believe we are going to continue to see Jesus do the unexplainable and undeniable…and we, His church, will continue to become unstoppable!

He’s alive—we win…now all we need to do is continually run up the score!!!

I LOVE you guys…I LOVE our church…I LOVE serving here…there is NOTHING ELSE on the planet I would rather do!  I’m bought in!!!

Can’t wait to see what happens next!