Aug 29, 2010

Sunday Night Reflections…

Best. Day. Ever!  I literally don’t know where to begin…so here goes (today literally cannot be explained…it really was the best day in the history of NewSpring Church!)

  • Today we saw 516 people surrender their lives to Christ at NewSpring.  THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!!!!!
  • We shattered a non-holiday attendance record with over 14,100 people in church today!  (EVERY campus set an attendance record!)
  • Anderson campus literally ran out of parking spaces at 11:15.
  • (The 6:00 service in Anderson was the most electric/anointed environment I’ve EVER been in—EVER!)
  • Columbia campus ran out of chairs at 11:15 and had people standing along the walls.
  • Florence campus went over 1,000!
  • Greenville campus had over 2,800 people show up!
  • I believe we presented the most simple Gospel presentation we’ve ever presented.
  • We invited the people who received Christ to walk forward and nail their names to the cross after the service…I will NEVER forget that sound!
  • The scripture we used today was Romans 3:23-24, Colossians 2:13-15, Isaiah 64:6 and Matthew 7:21-23
  • I’ve NEVER seen our church as excited about a service as we were about today…since we preached on “Found People Find People” back on August 8th and did the evangelism seminar that week we’ve had an incredible desperation for Jesus to do something awesome…and HE DID!
  • BTW…I had one of our parking volunteers stop me on my way out of the 11:15 service today and thank me for the evangelism seminar…he said that he was able to lead a friend to Christ at work because of it!  YES!!!
  • What we saw today was the power of an AWESOME God partnered with people who were crazy enough to take Him at His Word and believe that if we brought people to a place where they could hear the message that HE would do amazing things among us!
  • AND…not only that…but we are equipped to GO OUT and share HIS GOSPEL as well!
  • I literally prayed Acts 8:8 over Anderson, Florence, Greenville, Columbia and Charleston today…I want to see great joy through an AWAKENING that HE is doing.
  • NewSpring…let’s LIVE OUT Isaiah 62:6-7 and not leave God alone until He transforms our entire community!
  • Can’t WAIT to conclude this series NEXT WEEK with a message entitled, “Don’t Stop Believing!”  God STILL has awesome things in store!
  • CELEBRATING with my great friend Steven Furtick at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC as they set an attendance record today as well and saw 581 salvations!!!!!  THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!
  • HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE…and NewSpring Church…THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!  (Zephaniah 3:17)
  • I am STILL trying to get my mind wrapped around what happened today.  I know I usually recap the message in these reflections entries, but, like I said, I’ve never seen anything quite like this and am trying to process everything and am asking God what He wants to do next.
  • NewSpring Church…I LOVE YOU…what we’re seeing God do right now IS NOT NORMAL..He IS building HIS church…and…the BEST IS YET TO COME!

Whew!  I’ve got to TRY to go to sleep now!  :-)

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