Pastor P

Sunday Night Reflections

Feb 7, 2010

A few thoughts here on Super Bowl Sunday (not completely excited about either team…but PUMPED about the commercials!)

  • We saw over 50 people come to Christ today…and…you guessed it, that NEVER gets old!
  • We were honored to have Christine Caine with us today…and she BROUGHT IT!
  • I LOVE her passion for the local church!
  • LOVED having LOS lead in worship at the Anderson campus…and I think he liked it, even though people were calling him “Daruis Rucker!”  :-)
  • Next week Christine will be speaking about human trafficking and what the churches responsibility is in regards to it…CAN’T WAIT!
  • Some of the things she said today that really stuck out to me were…
  • “We do not want our church to one day be a monument of what God used to do.”
  • “Passion deficiency syndrome has hit the church.”
  • “Did you see the movie, ‘The Passion of the Christ.”  Did you notice it was not called, “The Boring Religious Obligation of the Christ.’”
  • “I am not a product of time, I am a product of eternity!”
  • “We often times prefer to visit with God on Sunday rather than have Him invade our lives.”
  • “Fishers of men is who Jesus said He would make us to be.  (Matthew 4:18)  If we are going to follow Jesus then our hearts must beat for the lost.”
  • “We (the church) have a HUGE responsibility - we are here because we are personally responsible for the evangelization of the entire world before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.”
  • “I believe the church is about to checkmate the devil!”
  • “John 17:14-18, Jesus prayed that His followers would not be taken out of the world…but too many of us are trying to do just that!  IT IS VERY HARD TO CHANGE A WORLD THAT YOU ARE NOT IN!!!”
  • “Christianity is not a behavioral modification program.”
  • “We don’t need to FEAR the darkness but rather dominate it!”
  • I could go on and on…you should listen to it on Tuesday at a web service OR download the podcast.
  • REALLY looking forward to being on the West Coast tomorrow with this crew...can’t believe I get to be here!
  • There are only around 100 tickets left for Unleash (we opened additional seats in a video venue, I blogged about it here.)  And folks…once they’re gone…they’re gone!  (I CAN’T WAIT!)
  • This morning this thought hit me, “HE SAVED ME!!!”  And seriously…I could not get past it!  I was blind but now I see, I was lost but now I am found, I was dead and now I am alive…ALL BECAUSE OF HIM!!!  I’ve NEVER gotten past the cross…and am BLOWN AWAY because HIS GRACE REALLY IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!

I love you NewSpring Church…I am amazed that I get to do what I do…and I cannot see what happens next!