Dec 13, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

A few thoughts on an AMAZING day at NewSpring Church…

  • We saw around 75 people surrender their lives to Christ today…that NEVER gets old!  (That is over 125 in the past two weeks…GOD is doing AMAZING things!)
  • Today was an old fashioned, walk forward pray out loud invitation…some church growth “experts” say that things like that don’t happen anymore…someone forgot to tell Jesus that because He drew people to Him today in an undeniable way!
  • It was not a “nice” church service…Jesus didn’t die on a cross so we could have nice church services…He died to reconcile mankind to God…and we SAW THAT HAPPEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES TODAY!
  • The passage we began the message with today was Leviticus 15:19-27…and I can honestly say that it MIGHT have been the most uncomfortable reading of Scripture I’ve ever done!!!
  • All to often we focus on what God has done “out there,” so much so that we forget all that He has done inside of us!!!
  • It is possible to be around Jesus but never experience Him…there were CROWDS around Him, but only one person truly was changed by Him in Mark 5:21-34!
  • Desperate people show up at church every week…many pretend everything is ok, but pretending only lasts for so long because, sooner or later, the wheels come off!
  • Staying lost will eventually cost us everything!  (For those who are in Christ…how BAD could our lives have been had He not found us?)
  • Someone has GOT to be willing to tell others about Jesus…someone told the woman (see the beginning of Mark 5:27)...and because of that her life was COMPLETELY changed!
  • (BTW…WHO are you bringing with you to our Christmas services?  Have you RSVP’d yet?  Here is where you need to go to let us know what service you are coming to!)
  • For those who heard the message today and my story about the cookies…Mika actually baked some cookies for me today and brought them to the church tonight…and they are AMAZING!!!  Thank you Mika…you rock!!!
  • Jesus never really bought into the whole, “I can pray and prayer and then slip back into the crowd” type of thing…He called people to publicly follow Him!  (See Mark 5:30-34!)
  • Two of the myths that spiritually blind people believe is, “I am in control,” and, “I’m a good person.”
  • Ephesians 2:1-5 is MY STORY…I was DEAD, now I am ALIVE, not because I’m good…but because HE IS GOOD!!!
  • Once again…seeing people walk forward and receive Christ NEVER GETS OLD!!!
  • This Wednesday is going to be amazing at NewSpring Church…each campus will be going to a public school in their area and putting shoes on the feet of over 1,500 kids that need shoes for Christmas!!!
  • Thanks to everyone at every campus that gives so generously…because of your generosity needs in our own community are going to be met in the name of Jesus.
  • AND…there is MORE to do in every community in which our campuses exist…I can’t WAIT to share more about the opportunities that God is placing right in front of us!!!
  • And…just in case you didn’t know…I am getting more and more excited about our 10 year anniversary service in the BI-LO center…I REALLY hope you are planning on being there…and being EARLY because we are expecting it to be PACKED!
  • Hey NewSpring…great things are happening…but…the BEST IS YET TO COME!!

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