Nov 26, 2012

Some VERY Important Info About Unleash

As far as Unleash goes I’ve got some good news and some bad news. 

The bad news first…we’re not going to do our annual “Unleash” conference this March. It’s bittersweet really…we began this event back in 2007 and had around 800 or so people attend (we were originally planning for 100!) The next year the conference completely sold out and has done so every year since.  (You can visit our Unleash site and see past conference videos and notes right here!)   

The original idea behind the conference was to provide a one-day conference for church leaders that was low cost and packed with information in an exciting environment. We’ve literally had church leaders travel from all over the world to be with us…and the popularity of the conference has blown us away. 

So why are we changing it?

Great question! 

The first reason (and most important) is that we really do feel the Lord wants us to continue to serve churches and church leaders…but the way that He has led us to do so is a little different than the approach we’ve taken over the past few years. 

Our Unleash Conference has had the same format every year…a main session followed by a break out session before lunch, then a breakout session after lunch and then we conclude with a main session. 

People are inspired by the main sessions; however, we’ve seen over and over again that people are extremely interested in the breakouts because those are what seem to be answering the questions that people really are asking! 

So, with that in mind we are taking the most popular breakouts and the most common questions and doing several smaller conferences throughout the year in 2013 to better serve the church while we really focus on/answer the questions church leaders are asking. 

Some of the conferences we have coming up next year are…

Unleash Your LeadershipI blogged about this here…but basically this is a two and a half day leadership intensive that is limited to between 50-60 people that the main focus in becoming a healthy leader personally and then creating a healthy church culture. Spots are filling up FAST…so you had better get registered if you want to attend.  (Dates = February 18-20, 2013) 

Unleash Your Volunteers – Thursday, May 23 – Registration for this will be open soon, but basically this will be a one day conference in the style we have done Unleash in the past…but the emphasis will be on volunteers. We will answer questions such as…why volunteer? Why do volunteers quit? How do we train & equip volunteers? And…a few other things as well. TRUST ME…you do not want to miss this event…AND BRING VOLUNTEERS!!! 

Unleash Your Church – Once again, stay tuned for details…but this will be a half day conference that will completely take place ONLINE and will focus on THE ONE THING that will Unleash your church in your community unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Unleash Your Youth And Children’s Ministry – Fall of 2013!! 

AND finally…about our NLC conference!! I honestly think it’s the best one day leadership conference in the country! We’ve had it for three years in a row and have seen tremendous success! However, we’ve decided to move the conference to the Spring…and so we will skip 2013 and begin having it in March of 2014. 

That’s about it as far as the changes. One more thought for leaders though…one of the things we’ve always tried to do here at NewSpring Church is not WAIT until we need to make a change…but rather to see what changes need to be made and then go ahead and embrace the uncomfortable in making those changes. (Most churches/organizations wait until it’s too late!) 

Like I said…we believe this change will enable us to serve the Church and church leaders more effectively! So…watch this site for updates and details!!

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