Seven WRONG Reasons For Dating A Guy!

Apr 4, 2012

#1 - “He's cute!” - Give it time, he won’t be!

#2 - “He has money!” - That can (and most likely will) change!  Plus, money cannot buy the security your heart is longing for!

#3 - “I’m lonely!” - Buy a dog.  If it whines all the time you can throw it outside!

#4 - “I’m bored!” - Take a zumba class, update your pinterest account or read a great book!  “But Perry, the trash gets taken out more than me,” you say.  I would tell you that may be true…but the only place trash gets taken to is the dump, AND you are NOT trash, you are a daughter of GOD!!!

#5 - “I feel sorry for him!” - If you date him for this reason you will one day feel sorry for you!

#6 - “My friends are pressuring me!” - Find a new set of friends!

#7 - “I’m getting older and my options are running out!” - So you are going to settle for a fixer-upper?  It won’t be pretty!  Give God time…He knows what He’s doing!