10 Pickup Lines For Christian Dudes To Use!

Mar 8, 2012

#1 – I have a job!

#2 – I have a job AND a savings account!

#3 – I know how to do laundry!

#4 – I actually love to cook…and when I’m done I prefer to clean up everything instead of leaving it in the sink for the next generation to handle.

#5 – Watching the same episode of Sports Center for four hours in a row is a complete waste of time…I would MUCH rather watch “Dancing With The Has Beens Stars” with you!

#6 – I would LOVE to hear how you feel about (BLANK) and would never interrupt you except for points of clarification.

#7 – Twilight is AWESOME!

#8 – I could spend HOURS on pinterest!

#9 – I’m out of debt!

#10 – One of my FAVORITE things to do is wait on people while they shop!