Seven Fears I Have Allowed To Control Me

Jan 12, 2009

What scares you as a pastor/church leader.  And PLEASE do not lie and say, “nothing” because that simply isn’t true.

Last week I shared with the guys in my coaching network six fears that I, as a pastor, have allowed at times to hold me captive.  While reflecting on that lesson yesterday morning I added a seventh.  I will list them in this post…and deal with them in depth for the rest of the week.  So…for now…here they are…

#1 - People leaving

#2 - People not liking me

#3 - Teaching on money

#4 - No one responding to the invitation

#5 - Staff betrayal

#6 - Disappointing people

#7 - That I/we have to “one up” ourselves whenever we have a great worship service.

There are times when I have SERIOUSLY allowed the things on this list to paralyze me…and nearly cause me to quit doing what I know in my heart God has called me to do.

We have all probably faced some (or all) of the fears on this list.  We all fear things…and fear ALWAYS controls us.

Saying that…there is one thing that, as I read this list over and over that bothers me…

“GOD” is not listed among my fears…ANYWHERE!

As a follower of Jesus I am commanded to fear Him…but so many times I let fear of people and circumstances trump my fear of Him…and have allowed doing so to CRIPPLE me at times spiritually.

I’ve got to be honest here…God is doing something really fresh in my life right now…He is erasing all of my fears and teaching me to fear Him alone.  What is the result?

CONFIDENCE!  NOT in my ability…but in HIS power through me.  If I make it my passion to fear Him alone…then NOTHING can stand in the way of what He has called me to do…but if I allow ANY other fear to control me then I will remain paralyzed and powerless in life and ministry.

I know this will be a battle for me in the future…but it is my passion to fear God & do exactly what I feel He is calling me to do.  Fearing Him will unleash potential in you that you never thought you had because…fear of ANYTHING other than God unleashes EXTREME forms of insecurity and doubt!

For those of you who ask, “How can I pray for you Pastor P?”  Pray that I will continue to learn to fear God more than man!  And for the church leaders who are reading this…I am praying you fear the Lord & serve Him only…doing so will unleash unbelievable potential in your church!