Seven Danger Signs That Our “Walk” May Be A “Limp” Part One

Apr 26, 2010

Hey leader, pastor, church member…anyone, here’s a question for you - How’s your walk with God going…REALLY?

By the way, “I’m not sure” isn’t the right answer…because ALL OF US know when a relationship is or is not where it needs to be.

Like it or not…a dynamic walk with God isn’t just a good idea, but rather is ESSENTIAL if we want to be effective in life and ministry.

For example, the ministry of the Apostle Paul…I think we would all agree that it was pretty incredible, that Jesus used Him to accomplish some pretty amazing things.  SO…how did it begin?  Sure…we all know the story of Acts 9…but something hit me like a ton of bricks the other day…and it was the first question that Paul ever asked Jesus, “Who are you, Lord?”

Paul spent the rest of his life seeking the answer to THAT question…because he knew that before we can truly discover WHAT God wants…we need to see WHO He is.

So…how’s your walk with God going…REALLY?

And church staff member…STOP…don’t play games with this question.  You see, it is SO easy for us to fake it…or simply confuse things.  Remember…we’re not called to walk around God…we’re called to walk with Him.

We cannot initiate true ministry if we are lacking true intimacy with Him.  There isn’t one example of anyone in the Scriptures who accomplished GREAT things for Him that wasn’t first set on fire by Him…

And so…this week we will look at seven danger signs we need to pay attention to that will point to how our walk is going…REALLY.