Dec 22, 2009


Charisse has gotten to where she will repeat everything I say!!!

Seriously…if I say something she thinks is funny…she repeats it.

If I say something that doesn’t even really make sense to her…she will repeat it.

AND…if I look at her and tell her to say something she immediately repeats it.  (The other day I told her to say, “I’m all that and a bag of chips” and she continued to say it for the next hour or so.)

It’s really sort of easy for her…she simply listens to what her father says and repeats it.

Hey pastor…are you stressing out about what you are going to say for your upcoming Christmas service?

Why not just do what my little girl does…just listen to your Father and then repeat what He says!

He’s been doing this WAY longer than anyone else has…

And…He already knows who is going to be at church.

SO…why not spend some time today and tomorrow on your face and asking Jesus to allow you to hear His voice clearer than you’ve ever heard it before.

As long as we are listening to Him we will always have a message…

And I’ve discovered that every time I feel like I haven’t got a message inside of me…it’s because I’m not paying attention to the message He is trying to teach me.

God already has the message prepared…we just need to repeat it.

SO…study like crazy, pray hard…and then GO FOR IT!!!

Life is too short and hell is too hot for us to think we must do this on our own.

He is faitfhul…He called us…He will sustain us…and He has a Word He wants to deliver through us…

Listen…THEN preach!!!

Can’t wait!

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