Imperfect Leaders & Messy People

Oct 24, 2022



Episode Description

Every leader at one point or another will lead “messy people.” Every leader will also go through a messy situation or season during their leadership if they’re in it long enough.

In this episode we will cover the following:

We all know that perfect people don’t exist. Everyone has their own struggles, shortcomings, and baggage – new or old. Regarding “church world” there’s usually an unspoken line that you can’t cross without getting fired if your sin sits on the other side of that line.

What is “the line?”
There are very few hard lines in the sand (example: stealing). Religious people over

time have made “extra rules” and asked for perfection that is unattainable by any person. (See Titus 1 & Timothy 3) There is not a pastor that exists today who always meets every single one of these standards.

As a leader:

  1. 1) How do you deal with a person who is currently struggling or continuously struggling?

  2. 2) Is the culture and environment of the church (or business) you lead a safe space for someone to come to leadership and admit they are struggling or ask for help?

  3. 3) Can trust be rebuilt if it was lost?

Healing is a process. If you’re a leader who claims to care about your team, you must be willing to walk with someone through the healing process. If a sheep is wounded in your flock, you don’t shoot the sheep. You find a way to set the sheep up to succeed and be healed.

Jesus led a lot of “messy people.” He met them with love, not lectures.

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