Pray Like Crazy—UPDATED SATURDAY NIGHT @ 8:15…

Mar 22, 2008

I am sitting here on a Saturday morning getting ready to hit the gym…but before I head out I feel incredibly led to post and ask everyone out there to PRAY LIKE CRAZY for this weekend’s services.

Seriously…stop right now and ask the Lord to do something great and awesome. Ask Him to draw people, to open hearts, to change lives, to push back the gate of hell a little more AND to make His name famous.

Pray before lunch, before dinner—when you pull into the parking lot, after you leave the service…WHENEVER…just PRAY LIKE CRAZY!
I want to see God do something amazing among us this weekend…I have a sense of…

ANTICIPATION - I really do feel that God is going to do something incredible


DESPERATION - I know that we’ve worked hard, planned hard, gotten volunteers, decorated, and just about everything else you can think of…but if God doesn’t move then NOTHING significant will take place.

So, once again, pray—now, later, in the middle of the night (if you are one of those “get up & go to the bathroom people”).

AND…pray for your three!!! (And BRING THEM!)

I will see you this weekend!!! PRAY LIKE CRAZY!!!

It’s around 8:15—we’ve just completed two services and have three more tomorrow and I can honestly say…

WOW! DANG! God was IN THE HOUSE tonight. Thanks to everyone who prayed—KEEP IT UP, PRAY LIKE CRAZY!!! So far we’ve seen around 35-40 people receive Christ…and I know that this is just the beginning.

The song the band did right before invitation was probably one of the MOST INCREDIBLE worship moments I’ve personally ever experienced. WOW!

AND…the big announcement we made really FIRED some people UP!!! (I will talk more about it tomorrow night and next week!) 

For those coming on Sunday—see you then, bring your three and PRAY LIKE CRAZY!!!