Aug 6, 2009

ONE…A Few Spots Opened Up!

A week from today we are hosting ONE…a conversation, not a conference, designed for senior pastors, youth pastors and children’s pastors.  We limited the registration to 100 people in order to give as much attention as possible to everyone who shows up…and we are PUMPED about what has been planned.

We’ve had a few spots open up (there are around 10 spots available) in the past few days…so if you didn’t get to register (we sold out in less than four hours) there is still a chance for you to jump in.  Here’s the deal…

  • The event will take place NEXT Thursday (August 13th) here at NewSpring Church from 9:30 until around 4:00.
  • The cost for registration is $100 per person.
  • The senior pastor MUST be present at the event!  This is a non negotiable…the conversation is designed to get sp’s working WITH their youth and children’s teams…and the event WILL be a dud if the senior pastor isn’t there.
  • What I said in the sentence above…I meant it.  Please do not call and ask for an exception…there won’t be one given.
  • The reason for this is all too often a youth and/or children’s team will attend an event, catch on fire and then step back into their environment WITHOUT the support of their sp because he didn’t see what they saw.
  • AND…all too often the youth and/or children’s team has no idea what the vision of the sp is.
  • SO…the sp MUST be able to attend along with people from the youth and children’s team.
  • If you want to register then please call Caroline Miller at our church office (864-226-6585) OR you can email her - and she will take care of you!
  • Here is my original post about the event if you want to know more about it!

That’s about it…can’t wait…it’s going to be a blast!

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