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Oct 26, 2012

OK NewSpring, Let’s Do This…

OK NewSpring Church…this Sunday is a HUGE opportunity for all of us to BRING SOMEONE to church!  Here are THREE things I’m asking all of us to keep in mind…

#1 - I once read a survey which said that 25% of unchurched people would come to church THIS SUNDAY if someone would take the time to invite them.  Don’t automatically assume the answer is no…go for the big ask, and when doing so keep Romans 10:14 & Romans 10:17 in mind.

#2 - Just because someone said “no” once doesn’t mean they will keep saying no…remember that it was the Lord’s patience (II Peter 3:9), His kindness (Romans 2:4) and His persistance (Revelation 3:20) that brought us to Him…may we do the same for others.

#3 - In nearly every survey we’ve ever done at NewSpring Church over 95% of the people say that the reason they came to church for the first time is because they were invited by a friend!!!  (Just people doing what Matthew 28:18-20 says!)

As we say all of the time…FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE, so…with that in mind let’s do all that we can to reach as many as we can…because this world CAN & WILL be changed as Christ changes people, one person at a time!

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