Mar 20, 2007

It’s Not How You Start…

I want to finish well.

The fact is that people don’t remember how you started—but they do remember how you finish.  Take for example my beloved Clemson Tigers.  In football they set a blazing trail and at one point were 7-1 and ranked #10 in the nation…but they wound up going 8-5 & were highly criticized by the fans and the media.  NO ONE was speaking ill of them when they were kicking butt—but because they didn’t finish well the beginning of the season was forgotten.

And it wasn’t just in football…look at the Clemson basketball team…a 17-0 start and a top 15 ranking, and then they hit a skid and had to settle for an NIT bid.  AND…the same fans that screamed their praises at the beginning of the season were talking about bad they were by the end.  All because there was a bad finish.

(By the way…I am STILL a HUGE Clemson fan…always have…always will be—go Tigers!)

I am 35 years old and have YEARS ahead of me; in fact, I think my best years are still ahead.  However, I have seen more than one young man in the ministry who seemed to have an awesome future BLOW IT by making a stupid, immoral decision that wound up costing him way more than his ministry.

AND so…my passion is to finish well.  I seriously want to pastor NewSpring for the rest of my life…live in Anderson, SC…do conferences…encourage pastors…and IMPACT the upstate and eventually the world.  However, I am not the only person who has had dreams like this.

I am encouraged by the words of the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 4:6-7…and every time I read those words I pray out loud, “I WANT THAT!!!”  And not only do I want it for me…I want it for Lee, for Ken, for Jason Wilson, Jason Moorhead, David Nimmons, Paul Marshall, Shane Duffey, Tony Morgan, WOW, I could go on and on.  (And not only do I want it for them…I want it for their families as well!!)

SO…how does one finish well?  I have been doing a bit of reflecting lately and have decided to do a series of posts addressing this subject…the category will be finishing well.

Oh yeah, by the way…this ISN’T just for those who happen to be in full time ministry—it should be the desire of all our hearts to finish well…you know, to live such a godly life that the pastor doesn’t have to lie about you at your funeral!!!

For those who pray for me…pray that I will finish well.  I’ve had 35 great years…and I feel the best is yet to come.

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