New Coaching Network Opportunity

Nov 27, 2009

One of the questions often asked of me by other pastors is, “How do you transition the church you are in from something that got lost in time to where you really feel the Lord wants you to take it?”

My answer is always the same…

“I don’t know!”

The best I could EVER offer to pastors in this situation are some untested philosophies and wild ideas…because…I didn’t transition a church, I planted one.

However, I do think that God has called some pastors not just to plant…but to transition existing churches as well…and EVERY time someone asks me about how to transition a church…I always point them to the same person—Scott Hodge.

SO…when I saw that Scott is beginning a coaching network for pastors who really have a desire to transition a church I almost yelled out loud!  Seriously, I am SO excited about what Jesus had led Scott to do…and would encourage ANY pastor who has a desire to transition their church to get in on his new network ASAP!

Here is a link from his blog about the network…AND the DEADLINE in December 11th…so you NEED TO GET ON THIS ASAP!

Here is the video he did explaining why he is launching this network!

Scott is the real deal…I can’t tell you how much of a WIN I believe this is for the Kingdom!!!