Jun 7, 2008

My Bible Journey


  • Revelation 10:5-7, God isn’t playing games—there will come a day when all He has said will come to pass—I’m ready, are you?
  • Revelation 10:11, God has stirred up an urgency in me to preach…and HE must be my passion until Christ comes or until He takes me home.
  • Revelation 11:3, ALL authority belongs to God…and I can walk in His authority and be blessed…or rebel against Him and ultimately be destroyed. Pretty simple really!
  • Revelation 11:15, One day He WILL become in everyones eyes what the universe already knows Him to be—KING!
  • Revelation 12:10-11, satan is a nerd who got his butt kicked out of heaven…and one day will ultimately be destroyed…but until that time…we as believers will always have a war on our hands—see Revelation 12:17
  • Revelation 14:6-7, Even in the last days God is going to make sure the world hears the Gospel! Please notice—THE GOSPEL…not issues, not agendas—THE GOSPEL!
  • Revelation 15:3-4, WHAT A SONG!
  • Revelation 17:14, Jesus doesn’t lose!
  • Revelation 17:17, God reigns in ABSOLUTE POWER…I need to continually be reminded of that!

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