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Dec 13, 2006

Peanut M&M’s

Have you ever had this urge…a craving…and you can’t figure out what the heck is going on?

It’s happening with me!!! I am on this peanut M&M kick…and I can’t stop. I have eaten more peanut M&M’s during the past 72 hours than I have in the previous 72 months.

Don’t get me wrong…I haven’t went out and got a pound and then proceeded to eat the entire bag. I have had about two handfuls per day. BUT—up until last week I could have cared less about those stupid things.

I think it was while I was in Michigan a guy was talking about peanut M&M’s…then someone offered me some…I ate them…and BAM—that was IT!!!

That has happened to all of us, hasn’t it? We are just going along in life and all of a sudden something catches our attention…and then BOOM—we are hooked.

That reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday morning with a friend who told me about a man who began coming to NewSpring during our “Lord of the Rings” series. He got the “controversial” direct mail piece in the mail and decided to try out our church…and he’s hooked! Through that series God saved his marriage…and now he doesn’t miss a Sunday.

He tried it & BOOM—he was hooked!

I’ve always heard, “Try it…you might like it,” when it comes to trying out food. But how about trying out church?

For those coming to NewSpring (and for those at other churches) keep something in mind…people are more likely to visit church during this time of year than ANY OTHER TIME. We have an opportunity to IMPACT a community by inviting people to come and “try it” because they might “like it.” AND more than that—it is quite possible that they WILL meet Jesus Christ.

AND…through this—they may get hooked! They might have ignored Jesus and church for years…but through YOUR INVITE they could come “Jesus addicts,” wouldn’t that be awesome?!?!?!

Christmas Eve at NewSpring is going to be…different! I think it will be our best one ever. (I watched the promo video that we are going to run next week…WARNING…if you don’t like hearing what those who do not know Christ have to say about Christmas…then cover your ears because we desire for you to hear exactly what is said!!!)

My advice—get people here…invite—ask—beg—bribe—whatever. Remember…that person that you care about SO much may be just ONE INVITATION away from coming to church, receiving Christ and then being HOOKED for the rest of their lives.

Remember…the times are Saturday, December 23 and 4:00 and 6:00pm…and then on Sunday at 9:15 and 11:15am. All four services are identicle…and for that one week alone there will be no Sunday evening service so that you may attend your family



That’s about it—I’ve got to go eat some peanut M&M’s—DANG, I never realized how good these things are!!!

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