May 19, 2008

My Bible Journey…


  • Revelation 1:3 - God is pretty serious about His Word!
  • Revelation 1:10 - Talk about “the order of worship” being disrupted!
  • Revelation 1:17-19 - Often I hear people say, “When I get to heaven I have some questions for Jesus!”  Uh…yeah…according to this we will all be speechless!
  • Revelation 2:4 - It is possible to work for Jesus and not be in love with Him.
  • Revelation 3:1 - God doesn’t have to guess if we’re really committed or not!
  • Revelation 3:6 - I pray this for myself often!
  • Revelation 3:8 -When God opens a door—NO ONE CAN SHUT IT!
  • Revelation 3:20 - God’s invitation to us all!
  • Revelation 4:1 - Jesus drew John to Himself…and He’s still drawing people 2k years later.
  • Revelation 4:11 - I was created for Him!
  • Revelation 5:9-10 - Notice that this was a NEW song…I pray the Lord will continue to allow me to experience new ways of worshiping Him.
  • Revelation 5:13 - The day is coming when everyone will recognize Him for who He is!
  • Revelation 7:9 - WOW…looks like heaven is going to be crowded…hope it’s not “too big” for some people!  ALSO it looks like there aren’t going to be just a bunch of white American’s there!!!  Looks like a lot of people who do here church in America might hate heaven!!!

Think that’s a good place to end right now…more next week!  :-)

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