May 13, 2008

My Bible Journey…


  • Jude 1:3 - The faith is worth fighting for…unfortunately too many Christians are consumed with fighting against one another!
  • Jude 1:4 - Seems to me that there has always been a problem with people who continually sin and then use the grace of God as justification!
  • Jude 1:5 - Here God’s grace and God’s wrath are clearly seen!
  • Jude 1:20 - This is a command in Scripture…this needs to be my daily focus!
  • Jude 1:22 - What a challenge…it does not say to yell at those who doubt, or protest and picket those who doubt, or exclude those who doubt…but have mercy on them!
  • Jude 1:23 - Evangelism, at times, calls for passionate aggression!
  • Jude 1:24 - My salvation is not in my hands…it’s in HIS!
  • Jude 1:25 - YES!!!

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