May 5, 2008

My Bible Journey…


  • I John 1:4 - John wrote so that our joy would be complete…I want that!
  • I John 1:9 - THANK YOU JESUS!!!
  • I John 2:2 - According to John there IS evidence as to whether or not we belong to Him.
  • I John 2:3-6 - Keep in mind this was written by the Apostle that many would argue knew Jesus the best while He was here on earth…this is STRONG!
  • I John 2:15-17 - This passage reminds me not to love stuff!!!  I can have stuff…but if at any time He says, “Give it up,” I DO!
  • I John 2:25 - Jesus promises eternal life…it isn’t conditional!
  • I John 2:28 - Meeting Christ is the first step—I need to constantly strive to remain in Him.
  • I John 3:5 - Once again, THANK YOU JESUS!
  • I John 3:8 - The devil is so limited—Jesus DESTROYED his work on the cross…the only way he has power over a Christian is when we allow it.
  • I John 3:17-18 - “I’m praying for you,” doesn’t work in God’s sight when we have the ability to meet a need for someone else but do nothing about it.
  • I John 4:4 - Once again, THANK YOU JESUS!  I need to understand where I am from and who I have victory over!
  • I John 4:9 - God MADE His love obvious to us…we should strive daily to make our love obvious back to Him (by giving Him our first and our best!)
  • I John 5:12 - It doesn’t get much more simple than this—thank you JESUS that I have life!
  • I John 5:13 - Eternal life is something we don’t have to wonder about—we can know!
  • II John 1:6 - John is pretty much dead set on the fact that if we say we love Jesus…we need to live like it.
  • II John 1:9 - DANG!
  • III John 1:4 - I pray DAILY for Charisse’s salvation…it’s not in my hands…but when it happens I will rejoice like a madman!

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