Apr 21, 2008

My Bible Journey…


  • II Peter 1:5-8, IF I possess these qualities then the Bible says I will not live an unfruitful life…this is quite a list!  :-)
  • II Peter 1:12-15, As a pastor I don’t need to fear the thought, “But people have heard this before.”  (More on this later this week.)
  • II Peter 1:21, God’s Word is reliable!
  • II Peter 2:4-10, God doesn’t play games…He will not be mocked.
  • II Peter 3:1, Peter was obsessed with reminding people about the things he had already taught them…something I believe every pastor should focus on.
  • II Peter 3:9, For those who have people they are praying that Jesus will save…I would memorize this verse!
  • II Peter 3:14, How I live really does matter to God.

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