Modern Day Gladiators…Pastor, Be Encouraged!

Feb 12, 2010

I had this thought on Monday morning that I could not shake and so I wanted to share it…

The Super Bowl was this past Sunday night…and it will go down in my mind as one of the best ones that I have ever watched.  Peyton Manning and Drew Brees were locked into an epic battle that resulted in the Saints ultimately having a celebration that lasted well into the night and they “forever” marked their place in history as Super Bowl champions.

As I was thinking about this my mind flashed back 2000 years ago to the Roman Coliseum and the sporting events that took place there.  I am quite sure there were epic battles that took place that absolutely riveted the crowd…and when these battles were over that men were raving about the results and talking about how these particular gladiators would never be forgotten…

And yet they have been…we know they existed, but have no idea WHO they were.  We know there were battles but barely know any details about them…those once lifted up by society have drifted into obscurity…and what people considered to be of the utmost importance we now look at as insignificant.

However, around the same time the gladiators were locked into the epic battles that I am sure had the sports world going crazy there was this little known movement called “Christianity” that was beginning to take shape…a guy named Jesus who was dead came back to life…and it really did turn the world upside down.

SO…people began hearing this message called “The Gospel” and things began changing….and what was set in motion by groups of believers 2000 years ago is STILL taking place today…and while the gladiators that were once lifted up by society have been forgotten…Jesus has not, as His church is stronger than ever.

So…pastor…let me encourage you with this, what you are doing matters and WILL make a difference in 2000 years if Jesus delays His coming.  It is a pretty accurate thought that your grandchildren will not even know who Peyton and Drew are…or even care about an event that took place dozens of years before their time…but the GOSPEL will STILL be true…it will still be making a difference and changing lives and it will still MATTER!

Don’t get me wrong…I am not railing against sports, heck, I LOVE a great football game!  I just don’t want pastors and church leaders to lose perspective on the fact that what our society often says is important history often shows quite the opposite.

SO…don’t sell your life out for lesser things because, like I said…the Gospel, Jesus AND His church matter…these will NOT pass away in obscurity but rather continue to shatter the darkness with the power of the light.

Pastor…what you do matters…don’t lose sight or focus…keep your eyes on Jesus and stay the course…and one day you will see it was worth it!