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Jun 22, 2006  |  Discipleship

Little Women In Big Trucks

So I was pulling into Chic Fil A this morning for some chicken minis and a LARGE cup of their dark roast coffee.

(PAUSE: Their dark roast coffee is the best coffee in Anderson right now…and trust me, I have drank coffee all over this town! Praise God for theirs…now back to the story.)

So as I am pulling in I pass this massive Chevy Z71 truck. And guys—it was a “man” truck. It was jacked up…I believe it had a wench on the front…big tires…dead deer strapped to the front…ok, that parts not true—but you get the point.

So I look to see who is driving it…half expecting to see some massive man, maybe with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve, sporting a mullet or either a flat top (either would have been fine), and a serious look on his face.

But I had to do a double take when I looked because I thought, “Wait—that dude is wearing makeup.” AND on the second glance I thought, “Wait—that is not a dude—that is a dude-ette!”

Seriously—there was this petite lady driving this massive beast of a truck. It probably took her getting a step ladder to climb into this thing. And I promise she could have crushed any car that dared to stand in her way.

Things are not always as they seem. This lady had POWER and AUTHORITY on the road…and even off the road. I promise that this truck could have gone anywhere because it was equipped to do so.

That’s the way it is with us & the Lord. Yes—when you accept Christ He comes to live inside of you—but the bigger picture that we often miss is that we are in Him…and in Him we are unstoppable.

Just like that lady in the truck—she could have gone anywhere, so can we! I am sick and tired of Christians who sit around and tell God all of the reasons that they can’t do what He has called them to do.

If Christ is in you—and better yet—you are in Christ…then He has already empowered you to do what you are called to do. Odds are you are not waiting on God—He’s waiting on you—hit the flippin’ gas pedal can get on with it.

Christ Jesus makes us unstoppable. Yes, I know that there is an enemy named satan…but folks—HE LOSES! Jesus defeated him on the cross and one day will ultimately kick his butt and send him to hell! WE WIN! We are empowered! And God has not called any of us to sit on the sideline—but rather to “go for it.”

One of the things we need to STOP doing is imagining ourselves as weak, pathetic human beings that are not capable of accomplishing anything significant—well…if you are NOT in Christ then that is true—but in Christ you are like that lady in the truck—a powerful force.

OR—like the great scholar Lee McDerment said once—that we are all like little toothpicks…and we are easily broken…but when you accept Christ then you become a toothpick that gets duct-taped to a lead pipe—and then NOTHING can shatter you because of WHO you are attached to!

What has God called you to do? Is it to invite someone to church…change your major…reconcile a relationship…get out of debt…make a career change? It’s time—get off of your “blessed assurance” and GO FOR IT! YEAH!

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