Jun 2, 2006

Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

OK…so I am about to run around like a chicken with my head cut off (sorry PETA people) trying to get ready for this trip to San Diego to run 26.2 miles.

(WOW—I need my head examined…I am paying money to fly across the country to run that far…)

Nonetheless—I am so excited. It seems like we have been training for this thing forever. In my best calculations we have ran right at 487 miles since January preparing for this thing. I have trained the best I know how…and now it’s time to get it started. (I know—that song is in your head now—sorry!)
I will be honest—yesterday was my last run before the race. (I was supposed to only run two—but I ran three…I am a freak!) I am not doing any type of workout today OR tomorrow…I am going to go crazy!!! BUT…that is what the training schedule calls for…and the goal is to be ready for the race.

Pray for us!!! :-) And…if you want to see how we are doing or how we finished (or IF I finish) you can check out this site and should be able to find something out. The run will begin at 9:00 Eastern time, yes—that is 6:00 AM out there—but that is the time our crew normally trains anyway—so we are used to it.

Once again—Clayton will be here Sunday for a follow up from his message two weeks ago—it will rock!

AND—more on this later—but meeting with Tony and the crew from Granger yesterday was awesome. It is so cool to be able to meet with other leaders and find out what is and is not working. It was one of those meetings where we all spent four hours together and it felt like 15 minutes! Thanks for coming down guys—we will be heading that way soon!

By the way…Tony mentioned something to me in an e-mail about those of you who are reading my blog through bloglines or some other deal that you may need to resubscribe because of my recent switch to a different server. I don’t know what this means…I am sure it makes sense to some people…I just wanted to mention it.

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