John Piper - One Of Five Leaders I Would Love To Meet With

Mar 30, 2009

I believe there is a lot to learn in this world through conferences; however, I also believe there is much more to learn through conversations.

Over the past several years the Lord has allowed me to be able to meet and learn from some incredible leaders.

BUT I am hungry for more…and so this week I will be posting about five leaders I would love to sit down and have a conversation with…and why.  (And these are not in any particular order!)

#1 – John Piper

Confession, I used to not like John Piper.

In fact, I would get angry anytime someone quoted him around men and usually say some stupid, immature remark about the guy…until…

One day I actually went on the internet and began reading some of the stuff he has written…and then I listened to sermons he has preached…and finally came to the conclusion that he loves Jesus at a level that I pray I can one day get to!  He’s the real deal.

His love for Jesus and theology inspire and challenge me…and I would love to pick his brain as to how his theological convictions have impacted his leadership convictions.  Seriously, I respect Piper SO much…and love how Jesus is using him to make John 3:30 come to life.

BTW…one more thing about this before concluding.

As I look back on my former disliking of Piper I have realized (and repented of) the way I acted.  I judged a man I didn’t even know…and the reason why is…

I allowed those who quoted him out of context and raped his teachings to attack and criticize me to influence how I felt about him…which was wrong!  I let them put a distaste in my mouth for a theology that I have grown quite fond of—and it wasn’t fair!

(BTW…why is it that many of the reformed guys are complete @$$holes?  Did God REALLY call them to pick apart verb tenses and voice intonations of speakers who don’t say things exactly right or don’t use a particular word order?)

And if you are reformed and angry at the paragraph above…I was predestined before the foundations of the world to type it…so get over it!  :-)
John Piper is a man of God…a brilliant theologian…a leader among leaders…and there is MUCH he could teach a young buck like me!