May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell

My heart was both sad and excited today when I heard the news about the passing of Jerry Falwell...sad because he will be missed…and excited because there is not a doubt in my mind that he is with Jesus Christ.

My admiration of Dr. Falwell runs deep because…

  • He finished well…people did say mean things about him from time to time, but no one could attack the mans integrity—he truly loved Jesus until his last breath!
  • He loved his wife…and ONLY his wife!!!
  • He had a huge vision and never allowed anyone to alter it!
  • He knew God’s Word!
  • Whether you agreed with him or not—you knew where he stood.  He had convictions and the guts to share them.
  • He was willing to take action…and while some did not agree…at least he was willing to take steps instead of sit around and complain!
  • He ALWAYS shared the Gospel whenever he was interviewed by the media.
  • He always seemed pleasant when on television…many Christians I know look saved and mad about it—but Dr. Falwell genuinely seemed Christ-like.

Those are just some of the thoughts running through my mind about him.  I hope that the ministry the Lord has given me will be half as successful as his.

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