Sep 6, 2006

I’ve Got To Share This…

From time to time a pastor will ask himself, “Now why is it exactly I do what I do?”  We all ask ourselves that question don’t we?  Well, I received this e-mail today…it rocked me to my core. I love this stuff…LOVE IT! Thank you Karen for sharing this with me!

(Before you read—for clarificiation purposes I wanted to share that when we broke ground on our new building we put flags in the ground where the baptistery was going to be and wrote names on those flags of people who we wanted to see come to Christ in the building.)

As I read the post today, I laughed out loud and my eyes filled with tears at what God is doing. During the past year all 3 of my daughters and 1 son-in-law have been baptized and taken membership at Newspring. All of their names were on the flags when we broke ground for the building! The only other name on the flag was my granddaughter who is now 3 yrs. old, and when you spoke Sunday of a new children’s building, I thought, that is where Eden will find Jesus in the next few years! And by the way, for all the people who will not want to come to the 6PM service because they volunteer in the mornings, it can be done. I drive from Clemson to work on Sunday morning and then come back at 6PM to attend the service. A small thing to do in view of all God is doing at NewSpring!

That’s what we are all about—people who used to be unchurched NOW coming to church.  People who used to not know Christ NOW knowing Christ…these kinds of stories never get old.  Yeah God!!!

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