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Aug 17, 2010  |  Leadership

Never Follow A Leader Who…

#1 - Never follow a leader who seeks to build their platform through constantly tearing down the platform of others.

#2 - Never follow a leader who constantly makes excuses as to why they compromise their character…and refuse to confess and repent of obvious sin.

#3 - Never follow a leader that constantly talks about how gifted they are but refuses to serve in areas that requires them to get their hands dirty.

#4 - Never follow a leader that refuses to declare the entire counsel of Scripture because doing so might cause people to feel uncomfortable.

#5 - Never follow a leader who always has to make every decision…he/she has a control problem and you really don’t want to be around when God reveals to them how “out of control” they really are.

#6 - Never follow a leader who isn’t willing to admit their mistakes…but are always quick to point out yours.

#7 - Never follow a leader who is always quick to throw you under the bus and never has your back when you mess up.

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