Is It Ok For A Church Leader To Be Excited About Their Church?

Jan 25, 2013

One of the things that a few church leaders have questioned me about recently is my repetitiveness in regards to saying "the best is yet to come," or that the next Sunday or event is going to be "the best ever!"  

Honestly, I'm glad people have talked with me about it because it has allowed me to reflect on why I am always saying those things.  There are several reasons...

#1 - Enthusiasm and the belief that things were going to get better is one of THE MAJOR things that pulled me out of my depression!  From 2008 - 2011 I was in the darkest period of my life and yet nearly every single day I woke up thinking and believing that "this is the day that I could get better, this is the day that I could break out of this!"  If I had began to believe that I needed to just accept the way things were then it is highly likely that I would not be here today!!!  Optimism is a powerful weapon against depression!  

#2 - Some have asked me if what I am doing is "hype?"  My response is that it is only hype if you don't believe it!!!  At the end of the day I am smoking what I'm selling.  I really do believe that the best series is going to be "the best ever!"  I really do believe that the next conference is going to be "the best ever."  And, what I've noticed is that belief has impacted my staff in a positive way.  Staff members would much rather follow leadership who has way more dreams for the future than memories of the past. 

#3 - I believe that if I do not believe in greater things then I will not put forth a greater effort.  I believe one of the reasons that churches grow cold, apathetic and hit a wall is because leaders all too often choose to be lazy and fall in love with personal comfort instead of progress...because progress always has a price.  Followers of JESUS should NEVER just accept status quo!!!  (The leader who always says "that's just the way things are" is basically saying, "I'm too lazy or fearful to actually solve that problem!") 

#4 - I believe the church has seen some incredible movements of God over the past 2,000 years...and that every single one of those movements were not led by people whose biggest desire was to maintain status quo but rather who dared to dream for bigger things and chose to take God at His Word in regards to what He said in Ephesians 3:20-21!  

#5 - When a church leader tells me that my enthusiasm bothers him I have simply began to reply that their LACK of enthusiasm bothers me!!!  We are THE CHURCH...THE TOMB IS EMPTY...JESUS IS ALIVE...HE'S COMING BACK ONE DAY TO TAKE EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG AND MAKE IT RIGHT...AND HE HAS INVITED US TO BE A PART OF THAT JOURNEY WITH HIM!!!  Church leaders should be the most positive, hopeful and encouraging people on the planet!!!  

If you are a church leader don't you EVER apologize for being excited about your church.  Don't ever apologize because you have big dreams of seeing people rescued from darkness and brought into light.  Don't you EVER apologize for having a vision so huge that you know you can only get there if God gets involved.  Don't you EVER allow those who have no enthusiasm make you feel bad for your excitement and belief that greater things are coming.

Contrary to beliefs on the internet it is NOT A SIN for a church leader to be excited, hopeful and positive about their church and/or ministry.  (In fact, I would actually argue that it's a sin for a leader to NOT be excited about it!)  

Church leaders, my prayer for all of us is that 2013 would be THE BEST YEAR EVER for THE CHURCH!  I honestly believe that the church has more potential for a worldwide revival than it EVER HAS.  AND...Jesus (who is always true to His Word) said in Matthew 16:18 that HE will build HIS church!!!  That is a promise!!!  

SO...let's dream big, let's be excited about it...and let's believe that God has way more in store!!!  

WOO-HOO...I'm pumped about THIS SUNDAY at NewSpring Church, it's going to be THE BEST EVER!!!